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The Game Boy, Memory Mapping

I think older technology shouldn’t be discounted.  They’re excellent educators with many principals being applied to modern development.  Learn about memory mapping, some assembly, gaming and more in this excellent video.


Inside the Game Boy Part 1: The CPU

Every once in a while I come across an article that I wish I had when I was learning programming.  This one is a fast introduction to the Game Boy.  It even includes some ASM that covers an iconic platform.

I used to think CPUs required massive amounts of transistors beyond most human’s comprehension.  But the Nibbler 4 Bit CPU shows that the basics don’t require as many chips as you would think.

How a Transistor Works

I have used computers for decades now but I never fully understood the physics behind a semi conductor until I watched this short educational video.

Transitor Schematic Image


Linux-based clock radio

I found this really amazing as I had thoughts of doing something similar.  This gentleman overhauled his alarm clock to run Linux.

SpriteMod's Linux Alarm Clock


Circuit Playground

Adafruit Industries started a series of YouTube videos aimed at people new to electronics called Circuit Playground.  I consider myself a hobbyist electrical engineer, and am always looking for videos to keep my knowledge correct and up to date.  These videos feel like Sesame Street crossed with an introduction to Electrical Engineering.

Quad Core Arm Computers

I have always been fascinated with small computers.  I have a Chumby, some ZipIt Z2s and I had a plug computer that recently died.  I’ve been considering replacing the plug computer with a small Linux arm computer.  My prerequisites are: Wired Ethernet, Silent, Low Power, ability to host source control and ssh.  Video output would be nice.  I have been hesitant to spend too much, because I have previously bought them and barely used them.  So far I have seen two contenders, NanoPC-T1 and the ODROID-U3.

I am a bit of a tech hoarder, so I have to liquidate some previous older computers before I buy anything new.

My longtime friend Pavan Tumati has a great blog, The P-Tumati Distribution, dealing with hardware and software.  He has an eclectic range of technical skills and posts.  He is always pushing me to learn something new.