Coder Radio Podcast

I consider myself a generalist when it comes to software development, but I know I have gaps in my knowledge base.  If you are the sole programmer or surrounded by people who do not show a desire to learn new things, it is very easy to become obsolete and irrelevant.  As hardware keeps progressing forward, software engineers keep adding additional abstraction layers to increase productivity.  Knowing these abstraction layers and other technologies is difficult even if you try to learn something new every day.  To balance out my finance and science heavy podcasts, I have added Coder Radio to my list.  I have finished six episodes and so far the content is great for software engineers.  I like it because the host works in an area foreign to my daily development.

I typically listen to podcasts when commuting to and from work and doing chores on the weekend.   I have tried to balance the content generation with the consumption, unfortunately there is only so many hours in a week.

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